Shades Of Indiana Jones! The Plane, Boss. A Seaplane!!

Vacation life becoming hum drum and so so? You’ve seen all the beaches and palm trees and pretty water you can handle? You want something exciting but not on the level of wrestling crocodiles in the Amazon? Now you can see what you’re missing with a seaplane. Of course, you have to travel all the … Read More »

Hawaii’s Trail Mix Has A History

Hawaii has plenty of organizations whose primary mission is to save this part of the planet from ourselves. The Hawaii Nature Center is one such group. The part of Hawaii they plan to save, though, is all about mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it won’t matter. The Hawaii Nature Center is a non-profit … Read More »

Who Discovered Hawaii? Captain Cook? Or The Spanish?

Kauai is my topic of thought for the day, but I’ll yield in favor of the thoughts of Spanish galleons sailing into Honolulu Harbor a century or two before Captain Cook managed to sail into Hawaiian waters. Captain Cook is widely credited with “discovering” Hawaii for Western civilization. What the locals in Hawaii discovered was … Read More »

Maui Is An Island And A County

Sites about Hawaii often give you the touristy view. Beaches. Palm trees. Mountains. Surfing. Paradise. You know the routine. But perfect weather, perfect beaches, and perfectly filled out bikini tops are only a part of the picture that makes up Hawaii’s greatest natural treasure—the island of Maui. There’s another side to Mau. This expose’ is … Read More »

History Is Old In Honolulu

While Honolulu doesn’t have the historical prominence of, say, Europe, the Middle East, or Asia, there are plenty of entertaining historical sites to the city. Some are within walking distance of both Waikiki and Downtown. Regardless, they’re all worth a few moments of your time. And feet. Museum buffs will go ga ga over Bishop … Read More »

Beyond The Land Of Time. Beyond Hana. Kipahulu?

Maui is today’s focus on fun people and places. Assuming you have yet to venture to Maui’s hidden Hana (53 miles and about 4 hours from the airport), you’ll be impressed at how close you’ll be to the end of the earth. Almost. But not quite. Beyond Hana there’s actually one more stop… …on the … Read More »

Big Island Primer. Why Is It Big? Are Volcanoes Really Hot? Does It Matter?

Yes, Virginia, there is a big island in the 1,500 mile long Hawaiian archipelago (I spell checked that word twice). It’s so big it’s called the Big Island. It’s the newest of all the islands in Hawaii. It has the tallest mountains. And the hottest volcanoes. And, yes, they’re really hot. The Big Island has … Read More »

View The Universe. At 13,000 Feet. Standing.

What’s the view like, that high up? Pretty awesome, actually. Today’s blisteringly informative piece is about Mauna Kea—Hawaii’s largest mountain, and considered by some to be the largest mountain in the world (depending on where you start measuring). The real treat for continuing to read is the link I’ll give you to a live cam … Read More »